Sam Chimes
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Music – Gold Coast, QLD

Sam Chimes is a multi-talented Sound Ninja wielding his weapon of sound as a DJ, Street performer, and producer/composer. ​ His focused and consistent work ethic has afforded him DJ gigs at Harbour Events Centre, Fortune Sound Club, Cinco De Mayo Mexican Grill, and a residency at Avocado Bay Mexican restaurant. He has also performed live at The Red Room (Vancouver), Benchmark bar and grill (Vancouver), and Le Jip's (Paris) just to name a few venues. ​ Chimes is passionate about sound and the relationship of the interchangeable skills the three avenues of live performance, production, and DJing have with each other. His music has taken him all over the world and he now resides in Australia, slaying bad vibes, inspiring all that hear him by sharing his passion for what he does. ...more