Sam Era
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Music – Phoenix, AZ

With influences from Billie Holiday to The Weeknd, Led Zeppelin to Elton John, Sam Era isn’t afraid to pull inspiration from a wide range of music. Growing up on 90’s R&B and Jazz, Sam started her venture into music with competitive Jazz and Scatting in High-school. Having also been classically trained in Opera, she decided to take her chops to the arena of songwriting and producing. Armed with a laptop and GarageBand, she began experimenting of EDM and R&B in her bedroom, exploring her own evocative experiences while putting pen to paper. With an innate sense of melodic and rhythmic bravado, she developed a style of her own, infusing the power of Opera and the subtle soulfulness of Jazz. Sam Era is a singer/ songwriter for the modern era and is ready to tell her story. ...more