Sammie Marleau
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Sammie Marleau

Beauty – Ottawa, ONT

I found myself in this industry by accident. I used to be a baker, and when I needed a change of scenery, I was offered a position at a local barbershop. After 2 years of growth, learning the business, the clients, and staring at hair all day, I took a step forward. I pushed myself through 2 jobs, including a barista job, and eventually through a barber program and found myself in a welcoming community of barbers. I love this career because of the ever changing trends, and people/hair of all kinds. A land of never ending learning opportunities, and self growth. I love making people laugh, and creating a warm, judge free space. My favourite is when people give me creative freedom, because I will always do what I believe will work best for their hair type and lifestyle, and nothing makes my day more than when they can't stop looking at themselves in the mirrors as they leave. ...more

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Showcasing in Ottawa, ONT

ARISE at Saint Brigid's (19+) – 20 Sep 2019 @7:00PM