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Music – Toronto, ONT

I’m a hip hop artist and poet from Toronto, Canada that goes by the name of Sammi Shyne. My sound is very unique and well rounded with different elements in my style. I like to create a poetic and energetic experience for the listener and I believe you’ll feel that throughout several songs of mine, and most definitely our stage shows will express that surely. Music and writing has been my deepest passion for as long as I can remember growing up and I've been very dedicated to improving, progressing, and elevating my craft entirely. As a songwriter, performer, and a creator of sound and culture in the arts, I plan to push a movement, a message, an awareness, that is given to you through sonic, tasteful to the ear but still rich for the soul. We’ve begun so I'm glad you're here reading this, take a listen, come to the shows, experience something very real with us. Stay tuned for more to come, you won't be disappointed. Peace n Love but also, Stay Strictly Suckafree. ...more