RAW:Santa Monica presents PULSE
RAW:Santa Monica presents PULSE:





10.00 Presale 15.00 Door

RAW ARTIST Aaron Valdez
Music By

Aaron Valdez

RAW ARTIST Katie Thickett
Host By

Katie Thickett

RAW:Santa Monica presents PULSE at Local Venue
Local Venue

Santa Monica

2020 Wilshire, Blvd.

[Directions] [Website]


Featured artists at this showcase:

Marlene Lopez Profile Picture
Marlene Lopez

Beauty - Pomona, CA

Montë Mar Profile Picture
Montë Mar

Music - Santa Monica

Ms. B aka Hannah Clemons Profile Picture
Ms. B aka Hannah Clemons

Beauty - Riverside, CA

Sarrahh Blank Profile Picture
Sarrahh Blank

Beauty - Santa Monica

Marina DeBris Profile Picture
Marina DeBris

Fashion - Santa Monica

Alexandra Morris Profile Picture
Alexandra Morris

Photography - Los Angeles - Hollywood, CA

Brandon Dermer Profile Picture
Brandon Dermer

Film - Santa Monica

Carol Zou Profile Picture
Carol Zou

Visual Art - Santa Monica

Danny Kelley Profile Picture
Danny Kelley

Visual Art - Santa Monica

Jennifer Ishimoto Designs Profile Picture
Jennifer Ishimoto Designs

Fashion - Santa Monica

Rory Riggins Profile Picture
Rory Riggins

Visual Art - Santa Monica

Masahana Kato Profile Picture
Masahana Kato

Visual Art - Santa Monica

The Fresh West Profile Picture
The Fresh West

Music - Pomona, CA

Daniel Schoenberg Profile Picture
Daniel Schoenberg

Music - Santa Monica

Leanna Perrett Profile Picture
Leanna Perrett

Beauty - Santa Monica

Cole Barrow Profile Picture
Cole Barrow

Visual Art - Santa Monica

Kurisutein Takagi Profile Picture
Kurisutein Takagi

Visual Art - Los Angeles - Hollywood, CA

Allison Kunath Profile Picture
Allison Kunath

Visual Art - Los Angeles - Downtown, CA

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