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Beauty – Chicago, IL

I began my career in a small town located in North East Ohio. There I fell in love with the art of making hair beautiful. In Ohio, I was successfully managing two salons and rocked multiple photo shoots; I decided to leave everything I have ever known behind. I moved to Chicago to really test my limits. Moving here has changed not only my life, but my career. I have had the opportunity to meet many amazing people in this industry and work next to people who share my passion. Changing my life, testing my limits, and achieving my goals had been the best decision of my life, but this is only my first step. I’m focusing on building a strong portfolio and doing anything I can to get closer to my future goals. Many people in this field have inspired me; I strive to be on their level. I, too, hope to inspire other young cosmetologists. Since moving to Chicago I have done four RAW events and It has been a blast! I cannot wait to see what else this industry has to offer, and I cannot wait to conquer it. CHECK OUT MY WEBSITE!! ...more