Sasa's Ceramics

Craft – Denver

Sasa Ceramics comes from my childhood nicknames. Sasa was a name given to me by my brothers; the name encompasses a carefree and creative aura. My love for ceramic arts and wares began in undergrad at Cornell College. Though I had been innovative and always making and designing all of my life, pottery was an art form that truly inspired me. The process of making clay and glazes from natural materials and using my bare hands to craft functional wares has been more inspiring than another art form that I have experienced. To this day, I am constantly pushing my pieces to be more significant and unique in shape to inspire those who use them. I am passionate about creating striking visual effects with the glazes and colors used on my wares. I am always thinking of the way a cup or bowl fits in a person's hands. I strive to make that connection for memorable and thus aim to make your favorite mug. Currently, I am growing a small ceramic business by combining two of my passions. Five years ago, I took time off to obtain my MBA in marketing to better help myself and other artists around me. Two years ago, I started renting a studio space in Arvada and began creating under Sasa's Ceramics. I am hoping to grow a more substantial social media presence to educate, entertain, and inspire my audience.