Saturn Profile Picture
Visual Art – Boston, MA

Boston bred but universally cultivated, Ashley, who also identifies as Saturn, is a painter, poet, makeup artist, curator and entrepreneur who from a young age, has been highly dedicated to her crafts. Identifying heavily with the influences of Saturn, this creative has reclaimed that unearthly identity as a reflection of herself, and has applied it in her spiritual and artistic prime. As a self trained, and all around artist, Saturn indulges most of her creative energy into 3 avenues: her freelance makeup artistry business (Saturn Makeup Artistry), visual arts, and creative directing and performance. In taking a very personal approach to her many beloved forms of artistry, she works to endorse skill,creativity, and truth in her own work, as well as the artists around her. Characterized by themes of expression, spirituality,facial and body structure, Saturn's works find influences from each other’s worlds, making everything she does exude an intentional and holistic energy. As a makeup artist, you can find Saturn beating faces for photo shoots and fun, while keeping it glam for special events like bridal showers and parties. For the benefit of the art community, Saturn has made it her personal goal to re-identify makeup not only as a way of enhancing natural beauty, but also as a way of personifying a message as she does through her visual art. With this, she has worked to focus on integrating body artists and other non-traditional artists into the traditional artist community. ...more