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Visual Art – Austin, TX

Sean Isao (aka Tetris) is a self taught visual artist with an impeccable level of detail in all his works. Primarily known for his bold yet finely detailed drawings in ink and elaborate and vibrant coloured paintings with both ink and acrylics, Sean Isao's works are mostly other worldly, consisting of imaginative creatures and other conceptual artworks. Sean Isao also titles and writes many of his ideas using his own written language. He also has his own unique way of writing numbers and having various original theories that also blend into his visual artwork. As such, many of Sean's artworks have multiple meanings, representations, origins and even a shared multiverse. Although more fantastical in nature, Isao's works have often been influenced by the great works of Peter Gric and HR Giger. Sean is also very much interested in cyberpunk, steampunk, and fantasy punk; an amalgamation he calls: The Paradigm of the Mindscape. When not doing his art, Sean Isao likes to spend much of his days reading graphic novels, being around his cats, and finding new ways to expand his creativity. ---------- "I never really grew up. I've always had this Peter Pan mentality. But it's not about me. Its about bringing these things I see, I feel, I hold dearest inside to come to life! It's always about expanding new horizons and finding new platforms to establish. I wanted to create something different. Something unique. Something vivid. Something that would live on after me. I grew up on HP Lovecraft and Tolkien. And much like them, I too wanted to create something that would further influence the world. It's why I exist. It's why many of us exist. To share this moment together. All of this moment right here and right now because that's all we ever had. But I wanted to give back and they wanted me to illustrate them the best that I can." - Sean Isao. ...more

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Showcasing in Austin, TX

ARISE at Emo's (18+) – Nov 06, 2019 @7:00PM