Sebastian Von Chourio

Photography – Toronto

Multidisciplinary artist with a passion for storytelling through photography, film, and music. Born in Venezuela and raised in Ecuador, Sebastian's journey is a tapestry of cultural influences and artistic discovery. A man of the world, Sebastian's camera is his passport to capturing moments that transcend borders. From a young age, he honed his eye for photography and nurtured a love for music, spending his high school days drawing inspiration from platforms like Tumblr. At 20, Sebastian embarked on a new chapter in Canada, where his creativity blossomed. The pandemic brought about a shift, leading him to explore photography with his iPhone, delving into the art of color editing. It wasn't until he met his mentor, Derek, that Sebastian truly understood the power of a camera. Inspired by Derek's guidance, Sebastian embraced photography wholeheartedly, launching his own business while pursuing his musical aspirations with his band, Sailor and the Virtues. Through his lens, Sebastian crafts an aesthetic that is uniquely his own, capturing angelic scenes that evoke the essence of both people and surroundings. Join Sebastian on his journey as he continues to perfect his craft and fulfill his dreams of being an artist devoted to his passion.