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Accessories – Miami

My name is Vanessa Long. I was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. I moved to Miami in 2007 to pursue my dreams. I attended and graduated The Art Institute of Miami, with a major in fashion design. Although I went to college for fashion, my background is in art. I majored in visual arts in both middle and high school. This being said, I have an immense passion for art, and it is reflected in everything that I take apart in. Another area I am passionate in is learning about various cultures. It fascinates and excites me so much to learn about the different histories, cultural customs, traditional costumes, amongst other things, about various cultures. I even plan on travelling the world to learn up close about the various cultures that interest me. I said all of that to say that, all of my passions (art, fashion and culture) are what play a major role in the design process of my jewelry line. My goal is to have a specific culture influence each collection of jewelry that I create. The finishing touch for every piece that I create is the fact that I want every woman that wears my pieces to feel like a queen. I want her to feel regal and special.