Send Sunshine

Visual Art – Portland

Hello, my good friends, my name is Jessica Edouard. The sunflower is my muse. I take photographs of her beauty throughout the Pacific Northwest. Writing is my passion. I have a mission, and her name is Send Sunshine. A culture. An attitude. A lifestyle. We fill our minds with self-deprecating doubt on a daily basis encouraged by a media-driven society. We owe it to ourselves and each other to replace these thoughts with visions and words of personal empowerment. Light and love thread every piece of my giclee' art, printed on high-quality canvas and hand-stretched on 1.25" wood frames, editioned to 50 and then pulled from further production. The colors and imagery will blow your mind. I ask that you join me. As a part of Send Sunshine's goal a portion of every sale, I donate to The Children's Miracle Network at Sacred Heart Hospital in Eugene, Oregon. With your help, this is only the beginning. "Together, let us breed positivity as a lifestyle." I thank you with every breath-Truly, Jess