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My name is Shai Buttaa and I am the owner of Not a bad life; the mental health gift shop ( : I'm from Philly, I love to dance, and I am a full time Digital Marketing Executive. I started my digital community ( used to be known as butta blog) in 2015. During college is when I felt something wasn't right with me mentally. I wasn't happy, I didn't want to be here, and I've even tried to commit suicide. It was a rough journey gaining my mental stability back. I went to therapy, I cried, I isolated, I had to relearn the same lessons (I'm still relearning some). The happy ending continues for me. I'm still human lol so I'm still going through things but now- now I am stronger. I'm self-aware and Im patient with myself. I started not a bad life to share that journey. The part where self-love is never ending. We will continue to be tested but we have the tools to push through. not a bad life's items are those tools; those quick guides and reminders for you or whoever you get them for that it may be a bad day, but it's not a bad life;