Visual Art – Los Angeles - Downtown

The viewer of Shaltmira‘s work is immediately struck by the blackness in the broadest sense of the word. What the alchemist would call the nigredo or the confrontation of the human shadow. It feels so very fearless in that respect and it is as though this inspection of the darkness is energetically transferred to the viewer. Shaltmira is like the shaman holding the chaotic black mirror in face that somehow helps to build a bridge through the gaze. A bridge that connects between the darkest aspects of human psyche and the highest forms of consciousness, a sort of contemporary grimoire that evokes equal parts Ishtar and GG Allin. The dark imagery arises from melancholic beauty in decadence as she draws the non-existent world to create the illusionary timeless space as a place of acting opportunities for imaginary individuals resurrected through her drawings. The rich details of her esoteric in conjunction with their demonically comic aspects make for a variety of influential leakage. Each work feels as though, were the viewer able to see past the boundaries of the medium, just a bit to the right – they’d find more paths, more stars, and further beings with impossible anatomies waiting to slide between the spaces of your mind.