Sheila Fein

Visual Art – Los Angeles

Fantasy Pop is a perfect way to describe my work. I view the world in a fantastical way and am enamored with what our minds can create. I like to surprise my viewer and myself with an unexpected perspective. When I am creating images it is though I am in a waking dream that is coming through me onto paper or canvas. Whimsy with thought is my attitude. The world holds so much pain and tragedy, so I have made it my job to be a positive escape and counter balance. I am a voice that calls attention to the little things and moments in our lives that we hold dear in our popular culture. My artwork is in the collections of corporations, galleries, and private individuals in the US and abroad. Some collectors are Richard Riordan (former Mayor of LA), The Marx Brothers Estate, Mindy Sterling (actress/ Austin Powers), & Connie Stevens (actress). Some representation has included the Hunter/Bisset Gallery in Vancouver BC, Cactus Gallery in Eagle Rock, CA, Towns Burr Gallery in Burbank, CA, Chapelle de la Sorbonne in Paris, Jane Anthony Gallery in Newtown, PA, Gallery of Fine Art & Illustration, Philly, DeVorzon Gallery in LA, Carmen/Brown Gallery of Laguna Niguel, CA, & the Ronald Reagan Museum in Simi Valley, CA where my portrait of Pres. Clinton “Transition” was first displayed. The painting now resides in the Clinton Library. To see my work please go to To purchase my work go to