Shelley Q
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Music – Perth, WA

Shelley Q is a 19 year-old singer-songwriter living in Perth, Australia. Despite her young age, one couldn't deny her passion for music, having nurtured it as a child singing to sheep on the back of her Dad's ute and singing along with her elder sister for fun at every opportunity. The musical greats Johnny Cash and Michael Jackson provided early inspiration for Shelley to pick up a guitar, ultimately providing comfort during many nights away at boarding school in Perth! She has sung across the country, including a live performance for Channel 7's Telethon and in front of a crowd of 40,000 during an AFL match at Optus Stadium. Under the name Shelley Q, she has released three original songs to iTunes and gained air time on Triple J. In early 2019, Shelley was interviewed by Andrea Gibbs on ABC Radio's Saturday Breakfast, giving a live performance of her original song, ‘Australia’. ...more