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Performing Art – Los Angeles - Downtown, CA

Within the 23 yrs of my life, dance has been only thing that has remained consistent. I have spent countless of hours choreographing, practicing & praying... putting my blood, sweat, & tears into my work. I started my journey performing in anything from elementary school talent shows, to high school football halftime performances, sports rallies, and class dance recitals. This has allowed me to perform in the hottest areas as an adult such as The Los Angeles Staples center, Pasadena Rose Bowl, New York City’s Sony Hall, Boulevard 3 located in Hollywood, Las Vegas and many more, all while passing down my skills to others who also desire to unleash their inner dancing spirits. As a child I would watch and re-enact music videos and awards shows by creating choreography with my relatives hoping that one day I would be up there just like the stars...and now that dream lives on. My goal is to choreograph for Grammy, Oscars, and BET awards ceremonies, create visuals for music videos with dancers and artists like Beyoncé, Cardi B, Ciara, Rihanna, and Missy Eliot, and create dance choreography for tv shows, cartoons and games. But what makes this craft so meaningful is the purpose behind it. I aspire to be a large inspiration for dancers all around the world & bring others with me while spreading my love for music. This will embody confidence and love, hard work, high faith, and perseverance not only in myself but also to others who follow. I strongly believe that there is always more to be gained through self expression. There’s a lot of stuff to discover within ourselves and dance is my personal way of doing so, while also exposing my gift to the world. If it wasn't for the people watching, the craft definitely wouldn’t feel the same. As I continue to build my legacy I do so in hopes that along with enjoying what I do, that people will remember me & be motivated, affected, and driven by my craft ...more