Sid Ready
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Music – Indianapolis, IN

With influences from soft rock to 80's synth pop, Sid Ready intends to speak through the beats and the melodies she makes. Alongside with her lyrics expressing pure honesty with herself and others around her. "My own mission is to hopefully gain the power to not give a f*** about anything when it comes to people's opinions on me and my music. I write this music for me and if someone needs it, it's there for them. I feel as if being honest and showing despondency through my music is the first step for me and others listening." Born and raised in southern most Indiana, Sid Ready spent much of her life there, where much of her self taught ability flourished. Releasing her first single in 2018 called "I Don't Believe." She went onto work in the studio in Seattle for two and a half weeks with demoed versions of her EP "I Can Actually Speak." The lyrics Sid Ready displayed in this EP is anything but far from the truth about how she feels and what was happening in her life ...more