SiRese Profile Picture
Music – Indianapolis, IN

Hailing from Indianapolis, IN, 32 year old Sierra Greer also known as SiRese; finds passion in living life to the fullest and allowing her craft and her children to be the center of her world. Sierra started her journey in music at the early age of 9 singing lullabies, R & B, and gospel as one her favorite pastimes. She soon was able to turn her love for singing into a passion that she grooms on a regular basis to turn it into a career. Sierra a mother 3 and grandmother of 1, she spends her days being a grandmother, mother; as well as a beautician and an aesthetician. She then spends her nights writing, practicing, recording, and perfecting her craft and music to one day soon showcase it to the world on a grand scale. Until that day she will continue to pour her blood sweat and tears into her family and music in order to change not only her state of being but also change the life of those she touches through song. ...more