SK Michael

Accessories – Austin

Creating is my life. My hands have always made things and my mind has always thought of making things. My childhood was guided by a seamstress mother who was passionate about passing on her skills and love of making to her four children. The journey started with satin embroidery at the age of seven, inset sleeves in dresses at the age of nine, and scattered along the way was crochet, cross stitch, painting, sketching, and the list goes on. In high school I had a mending business and would design and make fabric tote bags to sell. Everyone is asked the big question..."What do you want to be when you grow up?" Besides a short lived interest in being a model my childhood answer was always a straightforward "artist" or "designer." After graduating high school I moved on to college and fell in love with my husband of almost ten years. We began building a family and life together and days were filled with babies, toddlers, joy, and plenty of chaos. I still managed to fit in my love of design and making and knew that I wanted to make a living out of my passion, but wasn't sure how to go about doing so. When our middle child was almost four years old I was given the opportunity to be the administrative assistant at an oil field supply store. I was excited for the personal challenge. As the kids started settling into the daycare routine we realized that our four year old was not meeting the behavioral requirements at daycare. We struggled, he struggled, and although he was undiagnosed at the time, the reality was that his autism symptoms were going to have our family alter the plan. My husband and decided that it would be best if I ended my administrative assistant position and take over as lead artisan at his part time leather business. I built holsters in our shop from home and was able to care for the needs of our children. Fast forward five years and I have a business specializing in custom and unique leather bag designs. Every bag I make has a leather tag in the interior signifying which number it is in the series. Each piece is unique and quality of craftsmanship is of utmost importance. I strive to give women not only a long lasting bag, but an experience of care and excellent service. To have an image in my mind and bring it to life as a tangible object that I can hold in my hands brings me joy. When I am doing this work I feel that I am my fullest and am doing what I am meant to do. With varying shades of leather and prints of fabric in my hands instinct sets in and I love to go to work. Ultimately you could say that due to my children's needs and with my husband's steadfast encouragement my dreams have come true. I know I will always try and I know I will always make. SK Michael S: (Scout's first initial) K: (Max's middle initial) Michael: (Toby's middle name)