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Music – Perth, WA

Skyuka is the ethereal, electrifying stage persona of Perth born Vanessa Raspa. This tiny pocket rocket has performed both nationally and internationally collaborating with other artists in original shows and theatre shows which has seen her share the stage with the likes of Mojo Juju, Kira Puru, 30/70 and Pirra. In mid 2018 Vanessa fell in love with the process of production so she decided to produce for herself and explore this passion further. Thus was born “SKYUKA.” The result is a fusion of electronic pop, slow hip-hop grooves, trap, dirty synth sounds, a voice that explores many registers and a message of survival "...the heart lives on." ...more

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Showcasing in Perth, WA

EVOKE at Rosemount Hotel (18+) – 26 Sep 2019 @ 6:30PM