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Photography – San Jose, CA

My name is Annalisa Hackleman, and I am SnapShot Ninja Photography!

I am a freelance portrait and event photographer located in Reno, NV with my main focus on portrait work at the moment.

My main goal with my portrait work is to prove to the world that you don\'t need to look a certain way or be a certain size to be a model-or to pretend to be one. Everyone should be able to fulfill their dreams.

Photography is my life; my goals are to make this my full time job. Therefore this is not a hobby and I do conduct myself professionally in conjunction with being a fun, outgoing friend. I have been shooting since 2003, and consider myself an experienced photographer with room to learn and improve.

Total collaboration is ideal I am not the type of person who shoots only one idea or theme, or is not willing to be adventurous with my goals. I love horror, goth, pin-up, classic, boudoir, erotic nude and everything in between.

I love event photography as well, particularly fashion and concerts, and work as an event photographer for the Silicon Valley\'s Metro Newspaper.

You can see my work at:
WIX Portfolio