Snowzilla Arts

Visual Art – Atlanta

I am slowly losing my eyes, so in the meantime I am making the most magnificent pieces I can. I am using every color I can in every piece, as many times as I want. I am recording what is inside my imagination, no holds barred, before words are my only option. I work as devotedly as I can so that every single piece is without anything I would change, even to the tune of 700+ hours on a piece or two. I won't be able to fix them one day and I want to know I did the absolute best I could to create something beautiful and above all playful. I'm not afraid of going blind if it happens, I have a beautiful imagination made of years of sight, I'll be fine. I just want to record it for you all to perfection so you can experience my universe of rainbows and whimsy too. Some of my pieces are deeply personal and some I paint just because I really want to. Every single one has Easter eggs hidden throughout because what is more child-like than a treasure hunt or more high-brow than obscure sci-fi treasures and secret meanings?