Solmar Lee
Solmar Lee Profile Picture
Photography – Orange County, CA

Solmar, 21 grew up in Orange County, California. Always having a passion for capturing the world. He began using his time taking any volunteer or paid jobs to gain experience and make new connections in the Art World. After shooting numerous family portraits and Marches he began focusing on what he found more interesting. After posting some of his work on social media, he noticed he was receiving a lot of attention which lead to him printing and distributing his work to friends and family. Many others around the area noticed his talent and invited him to local art showcases, Art Walks and placed his work in local coffee and ice cream shops. Solmar was published in a book named "The Ear" and has shot for well known non-profit organizations such as Young Life, A21, and The March of Dimes giving his time and eye for a good cause. The more mentally and spiritually he grew, the more he began to recognize the art of the world that is all around us. And rather tell you about his life, he would be more inclined to show you. ...more