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Visual Art – Ottawa, ON

Every soul could use some armor in their journey....turns out tattoos do this metaphorically threw self awareness, thanks to your choice of the experience you find yourself conquering your physical pain leaving you to protect and heal yourself after the work is complete. Balancing your body with mind will award your vessel a stronger immune system. & who would have ever considered grounding your soul with pain would focus the mind, and take control of the chaos in the moment. lolol I usually pitch the theme in a old culture context type of way. Let say you are experiencing a tattoo as a right of passage at 18. Hoping your grown enough and ready for your journey to begin, you take on a tattoo experience in the woods, now without panic you father says dont return without a pelt... bleeding and soon the be perhaps some swelling, infection ect..... without antibiotics or antiseptic would you be able to finish your right of passage. curious isnt it hence the reason i love what i create, making me the Soul driven-nature indulging- spiritual warrior-armored with ink-addicted to art- tattoo shaman(artist)-Soul Armor Tattoos(owner/artist)where you can find me daily as i ARTTHEWORLD For that one work of art , that im piece on magic that will impact the world. ...more