Karla "Spirit-Lead" Payne

Performing Art – Pittsburgh

Karla “Spirit-Lead” Payne, an award-winning wordsmith and spoken word artist, has appeared at open mics, concert halls and coffeehouses all along the eastern coast. As her pen name suggests, she uses the “lead” of her pencil to create works that will inspire the reader and the listener. Her meticulous use of wordplay, coupled with a message of hope, restoration and redemption, has touched the hearts of many who have had the pleasure of experiencing her unique gift. Spirit-Lead’s work has garnered a 2014 Pittsburgh Underground Music Award nomination. Her debut album, Words Unspoken, won a 2013 Rhythm of Gospel award for Special Event CD of the Year (available on iTunes, Amazon and CDBaby.com). Also a veteran actress, Spirit-Lead co-starred in the motion picture, Set Free, in which her piece Prostrate was featured. Spirit-Lead released a poetry chapbook entitled From My Indigo Pen in August 2015 (available at twopensandlint.com/karlapayne) and is currently in production for her upcoming sophomore recording project.