Erin Barylski\'s Splits Art

Performing Art – Miami

********Using my flexible body as the paint brush, I do yoga, contortion and dance across the canvas to create 2D vibrant artworks! *********Growing up, I was busy doing competitive dance and gymnastics or making something, anything, I could paint, sew, glue, cut, sculpt or draw with, I was always creating art! My infatuation with art and movement grew immensely over the years. At University, I took literally every art class possible and danced as often as I could. I graduated from Kent State University with my BA in Art Education and a minor in Crafts. *******It wasn’t until after I was on the LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN, STUPID HUMAN TRICK segment, that I had my light bulb moment. My STUPID HUMAN TRICK, is a move dubbed the “HOPPING SPLITS” where I am in a seated position with my legs completely out to the sides at 180*. In that pose, I can hop into the air and across the ground. I wondered, “What would happen if I used my “HOPPING SPLITS” trick, with some PAINT???” This funny/brilliant idea paid off! This became the literal spring-board on how I combined all my loves into one. This inspiration is now known as SPLITS ART! ********SPLITS ART has blossomed into improvisational and choreographed routines using texture, movement and LOTS OR PAINT across the canvas. It\'s my version of Jackson Polluck turned fitness (with a little more planning). Check me out @ SPLITSART.COM