Steph Profile Picture
Photography – San Francisco, CA

Stephanie Arguelles is a 24-year-old photographer and artist beginning her career in Manila, Philippines. She has been featured on Instagram (pixelperfect021518) by various groups and has gained a substantial following on photography and art platforms. Her photography focuses on capturing the memories and emotions a place emits. It is like standing in a million different moments all at once. Every place has a story to tell and through photographs Stephanie aims to make tangible the history and story behind every place she photographs. Her art focuses on defining, through her own style, what different words mean to her and the majority. Through her art she finds ways to show how powerful words can be in shaping and forming the steps we take as a society and as individuals. Her future aspirations include opening an art and photography gallery that will allow other emerging artist to showcase to the world their work, helping them leave an impact on all generations. ...more