Artist Steven Tette

Visual Art – Detroit

I was born in Michigan, the middle of the rust belt before the decay, I spent the first sixteen years of my life between the two towns, of Pontiac and Grand Rapids. Pontiac, which was an automobile town, and part of the Motorcity industrial complex, and Grand Rapids is a Western Michigan town with little ties to automobile manufacturing. My passion for art making came even before my first memories. However, my home circumstances and community environment provided no outlets for my talents. At the age of seventeen I quit school and joined the US Army. The majority of my adult life was spent in the military so l have seen the horrors of many wars close up. In terms of my artistic career, I have been playing catch up with my peers. Along the way I have earned a master’s degree in Art Education, And have exhibited all over the world. However, this is not what drives me. I am driven by my love of art and making, The creative Gods have placed in me the need to express myself in visual ways.