Luis Antonio Pichardo a.k.a. Stimey Luv 1

Visual Art – Los Angeles - Hollywood

First-generation Mexican-American visual artist, photographer, graphic artist, illustrator, poet, and founder of the arts-based nonprofit The Transit Center, Luis Antonio Pichardo holds a BA in Literature and Writing from CSU San Marcos and an MFA in Creative Writing from CalArts. Luis is passionate about the arts as a vehicle for giving underrepresented communities a voice, and he strives to do so through all the forms of art he practices. His work with at-risk youth is extensive, and his nonprofit, DSTL Arts, is his next step for giving hope to young artists seeking to develop their skills to become working artists. By leading through example for his students, Luis seeks to showcase his personal work to a larger, diverse audience who will be open to the realities of poor and working-class communities, while at times also representing his own interest in toys, comics, cartoons, and everything that poor kids like him never had growing up.