RAW Subsidiaries

RAW’s mission is to provide tools, resources, exposure and education to independent artists, but it doesn’t stop there. Over the past decade RAW has introduced a few projects to grow our mission. The following subsidiaries are just a few ways we’ve diversified what we do for artists everywhere.

RAW Subsidiaries

FOUND Agency

Creative Arts Agency

FOUND Agency is a creative arts agency, specializing in connecting independent artists with corporate projects. FOUND was soft launched in the Summer of 2015 and has completed events, murals, photo shoots, installations and custom projects for companies nationwide. Whether it’s a pool side hotel mural or a custom sculpture for an NFL team, FOUND Agency can help complete it.

All FOUND Agency projects are paying opportunities for the RAW artist hired. These opportunities are exclusively brought to RAW artists specifically. FOUND Agency manages each project from concept to completion and works with both the artist and client to achieve fantastic creative projects.

RAW Subsidiaries

RAW Film Festival

Los Angeles Based Shorts Film Festival

RAW Film Fest is an annual shorts film festival based in Los Angeles. RAW Film Fest (or RAW FF as it’s often referred to) is a one-day pop-up festival that is unique and innovative. RAW FF is one of the only film festivals where guests can attend to not only see five programmed blocks of short film, but also featured artists, musicians, and performances all tied to the films themself. Films are hand-selected and showcased through numerous cinematic disciplines. Although RAW FF has a variety of programming the focus is on fresh, edgy, subversive films from creative independent filmmakers on the rise.

RAW Subsidiaries


Inspiring youth through art

RAWketeers is a creative learning program for kids age 5-15 spearheaded by RAW Leadership. Primarily partnering with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, RAW leadership invites 3-4 artists from the RAW network and invites them to establish a creative curriculum.

By donating their skill for an afternoon the artists teach a 30 minute workshop with the kids of Boys & Girls club/other children’s programs. The children learn anything from dance, photography, guitar, or painting to music. The program allows an opportunity to bond with a hip artist and be inspired by perhaps an eventual career in the arts.