Sujaya Devi
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Photography – Toronto, ONT

It's pronounced, “Sue-Jay-Ah” // “Day-Vee.” Sujaya is an artist out of Mississauga, Ontario. She's an author, poet, photographer, designer, student, and instructor. She's the author of "Write Left," a memoir about her experiences as a Canadian Trinidadian woman. The first print of "Write Left" sold out within hours of its release. "Write Left" is available online through Chapters-Indigo, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. Sujaya is known by her Lotus logo which recently launched as a product line, "The Lotus Collection," through Society6. Sujaya is known for her black and white aesthetic and for her poetic photography style. Sujaya's photography was showcased in The Platform at the University of Toronto Mississauga, and featured in The Medium. Sujaya is an academic too; pursuing her Masters in Information while working as a college instructor for Media Fundamentals. ...more