Mc Sulek
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Music – Toronto, ON

Erick Trejo-Beltran better known by his stage name MC Sulek was born on December 1, 1992 in the capital of Mexico, Mexico City . At the age of twelve MC Sulek began to experience his passion and love for music, specifically urban music. It was then that he started to write poetry about his daily life. In 2008 he immigrated to Toronto, Canada where he faced many obstacles, including the language barrier. Despite the drastic change in his life he never gave up on his dreams. To this day he continues to make music that not only he enjoys but also his fans both local and international. MC Sulek has had the opportunity to perform across Toronto, in some of the the same locations as artists such as Tito El Bambino, Farruko, and Ryan Leslie have. His voice has reached to places across the globe such as Vancouver, United States, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Romania, Spain, Mexico and El Salvador. ...more