Sylkie Sly
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Beauty – Montréal, QC

Sylkie Sly is an Montreal artist who stands out by her creativity and her perception of ephemeral art using makeup mediums. In 2000, Sly started her training in professional makeup at Edith Serei Academy. Then she proceeded to a DEC in Fashion Design at the prestigious Lasalle College in the heart of downtown Montreal, which brings her to her current career in design. Sly merges her skills in both fields and establishes in her name as a professional makeup artist working in photoshoots, videoshoots, weddings, corporate photography, magazine editorials, etc. Sylkie Sly is now orienting herself in a different field, more artistic and abstract: afro-futuristic creative makeup and bodypainting. Artistic makeup, just like painting, reflects emotions of the moment, perceptions of the present and even the trends of the future. Individuality in the spotlight, each project offers a different way of expressing oneself. ...more