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TAPEstry Art by Gerardo Saenz

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Visual Art – San Antonio, TX

The world of Art has shown us many styles and forms, perspectives and interpretations, direction and misdirection. But for Artist and Valley Native, Gerardo Saenz, it is his “TAPEstry Art” that provokes so much more. He was born in January 1970---the beginning of an artistically expressive and progressive decade. Art and music continued to evolve into mediums and genres that connected with the new generation so it's no wonder Gerardo was “drawn” into this revolutionary world of self-[removed]no pun intended). Canvasses of discarded tapes display his expressions of life, love, harmony, and music. Through hisTapestry, he captures moments from the past and brings them back to life. These reflections in time are what connects his art to our world. It's like listening to a song and remembering exactly what life was like when you first heard it---those moments are resurrected every time he preps his tapestry canvas. (An added plus is the recycling of so many tapes that would otherwise end up in landfills.) Gerardo grew up in McAllen, Texas and graduated from McAllen High School in 1988. He attended The Art Institute of Houston where he received his Art degree in 1990 and was the Art Director for the Musician's Group Media Play Store throughout the 90's. He has been featured in RGV+ Beyond Arts and More Magazine as well as in other publications. His exhibits at Art shows and Festivals have brought him much notoriety locally and throughout south Texas. His work hangs in offices and homes throughout the United States and Internationally and demand for his work has steadily increased throughout the years ...more

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Showcasing in San Antonio, TX

STELLAR at Aztec Theatre (18+) – Nov 12, 2019 @7:00PM