Natasha Van Zandt

Photography – Minneapolis

Natasha Van Zandt is a Multi-Media Minneapolis based artist and photographer. Her personal work has been juried into galleries around the United States and locally in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Natasha graduated from Perpich Center for the Performing Arts as a Media Arts major and after went on to a brief study at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design with a focus in photography and documentary film. She now attends the University of Minnesota as a studio arts major. Natasha has received several awards for her work including the Schoolastic Gold key for Media Arts and the Minnesota Art Educators Award for photography. She has also has been featured in the Atlanta Film Festival through the Landmark Midtown Art Cinema as well as a Minneapolis film festival at the Parkway theater. In addition to art she has a passion for global studies and studied Argentinean culture and art history in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her passion for photography developed at a young age when she was given a polaroid camera by her father. Since then she has been using the camera as a continuation of herself. As an avid traveler she uses the camera as a way to freeze and process the fast paced world we live in. Natasha is a nomadic spirit with the belief that travel is the best teacher and she uses her camera as her interpreter. Since the young age of six years old she has traveled to over twenty countries and has lived abroad several times. Her photographs from those journeys have helped her to reflect on one of the most important things she has learned. That the true wonders of this earth are the people.