Taytem Star
Taytem Star Profile Picture
Visual Art – Nashville, TN

Taytem Star is a young artist born and raised in Nashville, TN. She is heavily inspired by the universe and aims to encapsulate its chaotic organization in her artwork. She finds that color and shape are her means of self-expression when words don’t come as easily. Taytem’s uniquely individual abstract acrylic paintings allow paint to activate itself, becoming both part of the process as well as the product. Her paintings capture what occurs when color is set in motion, illustrating vibrant fluidity and mesmerizing depth. Taytem uses abstraction as a means of connecting with people in hopes of bringing those that view her art feelings of excitement and positivity. Examples of her work illustrate the cover of several young Nashville artists' projects, such as Carmen Canedo's "Wheels are Turning" and several of Young Gibby's songs. She can also be found at the Nashville Downtown Art Crawl every month with her displayed works, as well as live painting at local shows. To keep up with Taytem Star and her work, go to www.taytemstar.art for more. ...more