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I have always found inspiration from nature. As a little girl in rural Poland I would wander the verdant countryside all day loving every new thing the natural world presented to me. I was especially taken by different colored stones and minerals. Poland is the home of amber from the Baltic, salts of all kinds from ancient mines and a lifestyle that is close to nature. It makes sense that I recently discovered my passion to create different styles of jewelry. The kind you don't normally see, eye catching pieces inspiring to myself and others. I love working with natural stone, I love what I do! And, these pieces made with multi color stones, precious & semi precious, glass, crystal beads, wood, coconut shell chips, silver, copper and  bronze are what my Telimenka shop represents. Telimenka got its name from a family dog we first had who was actually named after Telimena, a foxy woman, a character in one of the most well known polish literature, a book that was published after Poland lost its independence. Although the times were dark for many of Poland’s citizens, brought beauty, entertainment, and hope to dream for a bright future to the polish people. I hope that you see my vision for beauty and nature, as well as inspiring others to do the same! ...more

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GLOW at House of Blues Dallas (18+) – Jun 03, 2020 @7:00PM