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Fashion – Washington, DC

Tèmídìrè /tay-mi-dee-ray/ (n) - 1. Mine has turned to blessings/goodness/favor. The Temidire Collection is an in-house intimate apparel and lingerie brand, designed to provide comfort, fit, and versatility in women’s wear. Temidire promotes natural and positive body images to compliment the beauty in the anatomy of a woman. We specialize in creating garments that can be worn with versatility and with ease, all while making comfort a priority. Each garment is handcrafted, in-house, in Maryland by Jasmine Baines, who has been honing and finessing her skills in fashion design for a little over 6 years now. She has studied and mastered the art of pattern cutting and the structured design of lingerie and womenswear, with most of her studies based in London. Her goal is to refuel and elevate the confidence of the beautiful souls wearing Tèmídìrè. ...more