Tetpwav Profile Picture
Visual Art – Baltimore, MD

Armand aka Tetpwav was born in a small village called Martissant in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. His parents taught him and his siblings the importance of standing up for what they believed. They also instilled the value of appreciating their Haitian culture. Growing up, Tetpwav analyzed his parents’ struggles to provide a better life for them and realized that, through it all, they smiled and never complained -- that attitude launched his life philosophy. As a child, neighborhood children joked both in a loving and in a tormenting way about Armand\'s hair calling him \"Nappy headed\" tet pwav in Creole. Years later, he embraced the term, in a self determinative declaration of cultural pride. To this day he\'s know throughout the art world only as Tetpwav. As a child, Tetpwav also loved being in the natural beauty of the Haitian landscape. He found it a source of inspiration and a way to find relief during times of tragedy and a place to celebrate in times of triumph. The diversity of nature’s palate influenced Tetpwav’s own choice of mediums. Eclectic canvases. Tetpwav’s painted works and pencil sketches can be found on traditional canvas, cardboard, wood panels, plates, and even napkin. Unique surfaces inspire him to express his creativity. As an artist, Tetpwav would like to help his viewers connect their own experiences to the experiences of people and cultures they might not know first-hand. His hope is that his art will open minds, hearts, and doors. Tetpwav’s most recent work is shaped by the 2010 earthquake that devastated Haiti, a disaster that killed his father and many of his friends. This event gave him a strong desire to show the problems of the world but also to reveal the beauty in even the problems. He says, “My art always has subtle messages about how I experience of culture. Now, the intensity of my message is stronger. It’s more spiritual. It’s more conscious.” Tetpwav’s current graphics and paintings attempt to show the contrasting experience of human tragedy and human triumph. Also, he desires to reveal the Haitian people’s struggle and their strength in his work. Ultimately, Tetpwav would like to start a foundation where young people can find artistic inspiration like he found on that artist’s balcony so many years ago. ...more