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Visual Art – Cincinnati, OH

I am a webcomic artist, a graphic designer, and illustrator. I've been working on webcomics since 2013, along with illustrating books since I was 17. I self-published my first comic book when I was 17 as well. I publish weekly pages of webcomics on various websites including wordpress, webtoons, and tapas. When I'm not illustrating comics, I do my best to do illustations for friends and family, books, and special events. I have also gone through school to earn my Associate's in Graphic Design completely online, earning Valedictorian in my program. My goals are to become a full-time comic book creator, or earn a living from home as a professional graphic designer. I feel like I'm just getting started, so expect great things from me! I know I do! ...more

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Showcasing in Cincinnati, OH

PREMIERE at Bogarts – Mar 25, 2020 @7:00PM