Diana Vehuni

Visual Art – Los Angeles

In 2004 I started my spiritual journey. The new knowledge I acquired changed all aspects of my life, including my Art. I studied extensively about chakras and body’s energy system; numerous modalities of energy healing and the way frequencies of different colors affect us. Several years ago I decided to combine my life long desire to bring more love, positivity and higher frequencies into the world around me and my ever-present passion for art. The result is my new paintings. Our visual perception, being the most powerful for the majority, can be used in many ways to enhance our well-being. Any stimulus that reaches our brain through our eyes creates changes on many levels. I use color, design, subliminal messages and energy transmission in my canvases for optimal effect. Since every color corresponds to a chakra based on its frequency it is a powerful way to balance our energy body. Surrounding ourselves with a color to give a boost to a chakra can be an easy, beautiful and fun way to do it. The shapes also have an impact as they create associations in our minds. The best way to choose a design is to follow your intuition, if it feels good to you, go with it. Some of the paintings have subliminal messages which usually are not readily visible but can be seen if searched for. These are positive affirmations, words of wisdom or helpful reminders hidden in the whimsical design. All of my paintings come with energy of high vibration encoded in them.