The Blessings Bee

Performing Art – Denver

I\'m more than just a dancer, I strive to take my performance above the status quo. I bend expectations, dimensions, and the mind through a well crafted hula hoop dance infused with a background in ballet, belly dance, and yoga for a one of a kind performance. I add elements of FIRE for a fiery performance that matches hot passion for dance that is in my heart. I have lived in Denver my entire life and have danced my whole life as well. I started performing in 2010 as a gogo in the Denver scene. Around the same time I was gifted my first hula hoop and quickly begun infusing the hoop into my dance. I am currently running a community house in downtown Denver, where we provide affordable housing to artists so they can further their art careers and LIVE IN THEIR PASSION. In addition to the community house, I am also a partner for EarthTone Collaborations, an all inclusive production company focused on creating avenues for artists to make a living off of their art. We aim to build relationships with ALL members of the community, to get everyone involved in art and spread the passion for art to everyone.