The Dutchess
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Fashion – Los Angeles - Hollywood, CA

Dressed by Dutchess started in 2016 after a long hiatus from fashion design. One hooded top sparked a wildfire that resulted in an entire collection of beautiful backless, hooded dresses and tops, delighting audiences from the festival and night club scene to luxury resort style, and even weddings. The graceful fluidity of my designs are made to feel like you're wearing almost nothing, accentuating movement and draping the curves of the body with luxurious, soft fabrics. Revealing just enough and covering just enough to make women feel sexy, beautiful and free. My goal is to make every woman, regardless of her body type, feel her best, know herself as sexy and fierce, sensual and beautiful. Every piece is hand cut, hand sewn and made to order. Dressed by Dutchess is Made with Love ...more