Hephzibah’s Healing Hands by Jamilah Bee
Hephzibah’s Healing Hands by Jamilah Bee Profile Picture

Hephzibah’s Healing Hands by Jamilah Bee

Beauty – Milwaukee, WI

- HEPHZIBAH (the delight is in her) - HEAL (to become sound, better and/or healthy) - JAMILAH (the beautiful one) — It’s safe to say that this is a beauty brand that literally speaks for itself ! Since a child, Jamilah has contained a passion to heal, help and artistically harmonize the features of literally anyone that she comes in contact with. Ensuring that everyone feels beautiful inside and out, has always been a top priority for The Beautiful One. She’s been labeled as a “jack of many trades” in her region — being able to execute multiple talents from hair transformations, color corrections, lash extensions, nail art, glam makeup applications, natural “everyday” applications, and even therapeutic facials. Please join us, as she RAWks her first debute at The Premiere , Jan. 22nd ! We guarantee that you’ll be delighted in her and what she has in store ! ...more

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Showcasing in Milwaukee, WI

PREMIERE at The Rave Hall (18+) – Jan 22, 2020 @7:00PM