The Fresh West

Music – Pomona

“Inspired by the 90’s but fresh enough to drop hits today” sums the feel of this crew. The Fresh West is a Hip Hop group from Southern California comprised of the following members: Payback, Jerm, Marcloke, and C.A.P. (Pictured left to right) Through chance meetings, childhood friendships, and family relation, the 4 members joined together to create a voltron force. Each member brings his own respective talent and hustle for synergy of this awesome group. Through the music, The Fresh West hits the mark to represent Southern California culture along with their Hispanic culture. A distinctive West Coast style of Hip Hop accompanied with poetic, witty, and hardcore lyric. The Fresh West brings that L.A. sound with twist to appeal for the music listener today. Whether at the club, on the street, or in the car, this crew rhymes like there’s something to prove. A “Fresh West” is here. Busting onto the scene with so much flavor in songs, performances, and originality to keep you coming back for more. Knowing the ever increasing population of their demographics nationwide it is only a matter of time before this is group known from coast to coast. Uniting the bolstered new Hispanic culture with the Pop radio scene to give the people something they've never seen before. A Hip Hop group that is ruff, funny, and inspirational while at the same time being a fresh image of brown all around. Not concentrating on Latin influence and Spanish lyric but rather West Coast urban rap with Pop and Latin influence. The Fresh West has performed for many venues. Most recent, the 2011 Low Rider tour in Las Vegas, Soulstyce Hip Hop Fest, charity events, numerous RAW Showcases and other locations. An amazing show accompanied with B-boys, BattleHolex Crew World Wide. To pinpoint every inspiration would be impossible. A generic trait would be life in itself. Forever inspired by the love of those kept close, as well as each other. Feeding one another from their creative energy, passion, and intelligence. Friends, family, the ups and downs of living, plus the encompassing emotion is also definite inspiration. And let’s not forget the talented artists who have paved the way for a group such as The Fresh West. These artists inspired the members in days past, present, and surely in the future.