Lupa Profile Picture
Visual Art – Portland, OR

Neo-animistic creator of ritual tools and totemic costumery, Lupa works with a variety of hides, bones, antlers and other sacred remains. Her creations are a reclaiming of the deceased from afterlives as trophies and status symbols, and rebirthing them as art worthy of reverence and celebration. As part of the alchemy of her work, a portion of the money she makes is contributed to nonprofit groups that preserve animals and their habitats. She performs a ritual purification on all of her art as part of her shamanic practice. Sacred dance and meditations with her creations is a central part of her spirituality. In addition to her art, Lupa is a published author of several books on neopagan and animistic spirituality. She has a Master\'s degree in counseling psychology with an emphasis on ecopsychology. When she isn\'t indulging in artistic pursuits, Lupa may be found with her nose in a good book, hiding out in the Columbia River Gorge, or engaging in shameless acts of geekery. ...more