Accessories – Atlanta

If you asked my family, they might tell you that they could have guessed I would have a career in fashion. I can remember many mornings when my older sister would beg my mother to make me change clothes because she didn’t understand my dramatic style. So it was no surprise to them when I decided to attend the Art Institute of California- Hollywood to pursue a degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising. I loved every bit of school and graduated at the top of my class in 2004, with all the intention of making my mark on the fashion world. I began making and selling jewelry after graduation while I looked for a my dream job. It was one of my downtown trips with a friend to pick up some supplies that ended up being the day that would change my life. A visit to Michael Levine’s, where I saw the first purse handle that would inspire me, a pair of uniquely shaped tortoiseshell colored acrylic handles. That was the day my handbag career was birthed. I was on my way! I currently design and craft unique handbags and accessories that are available on our website