The Healing Seed
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The Healing Seed

Visual Art – Sacramento, CA

I am a visual artist working in acrylic painting and mixed media designs. My artwork is influenced by my love for the healing arts and esoteric interests such as reiki, tarot, and astrology. I consider myself an intuitive artist because my creations flow from me rather than using my thinking mind to control the process. My art is my therapy and my teacher and it’s helped me heal from depression and trauma in profound ways. What I want to share with others through my artwork is this idea that we all have an ability to heal through creativity. I hope my paintings invoke deep thoughts about the mysterious web of consciousness that lies beneath our normal awareness. We all have access to our own magic and our own creative medicine if we have the desire to seek it. ...more

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Showcasing in Sacramento, CA

Holiday RAWk 2019 at Ace of Spades (18+) – Dec 18, 2019 @7:00PM