Nivia Bejarano

Visual Art – Miami

I am a self taught artist My mother is a huge inspiration for my work.  She was such a confident woman; empowered yet troubled all at the same time.  She was imperfect and her life was contentious, but her strength and fortitude drives me to this day.  I think that’s why strong women are a theme across my body of work; the women’s rebellious nature is a representation of and ode to my mom. I am also heavily inspired by Italian Opera.  The reoccurring themes of tragedy and passion, sex and death, they all resonate with me.  I listen to it a lot while I am in my creative space.  I have a relationship with each piece I create, as well as a blueprint in my mind of what it will become.  But like life, you never quite know what you’re going to get.  So instead of focusing on whether someone likes or dislikes my pieces, I focus on evoking genuine visceral emotions.  I want men to be attracted to the themes in my work, and I want women to be empowered by them.  I want to challenge societal norms, and embrace the beauty of this weird and diverse world we live in.  If people walk away thinking differently, open to new ideas, or proud of what makes them unique, then I have accomplished my goal.